It's been a while! 

Hey there.

It's been a while since I've posted or updated anything on here.  Hop on over to the Shows tab to see where I'll be this summer.  Slowly, but surely, adding gigs to the list :)



Hey there!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home.  With the necessity of stopping the spread of the Coronavirus, gigs for the foreseeable future have been cancelled.  The dates will remain up on this page, but I would recommend checking with venues or on my fb page to see if they will be taking place.

You can always buy an album to listen to in the meantime! :)

See you soon.


East Coast Music Week 2019! 

Heading over to Charlottetown bright and early tomorrow for ECMAs!

You can catch me and Jason Roach on Radio ECMA Friday at 10 pm, or at The Old Triangle from 11pm-2am.  

We'll also be at the Triangle from 730-930pm on Saturday.

So excited for tunes and times! And Tidal's nominated for Instrumental Recording of the Year! :D! So many exclamation points!


Tidal Liner Notes 

Hey there! 

For anyone who may have downloaded the album on iTunes or elsewhere and was wondering.. "what are those tunes?!", I've posted a PDF file of the liner notes and thank yous on the store page near the bottom :)




Really excited to announce that my debut album, Spirit, will be officially released on July 12th!

The release party will take place at the Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Unit #217 Hall (upstairs) in New Waterford from 2pm-5pm.  I'll have Jason Roach and Paddy Gillis with me... and hopefully some other special guests!

Check out the "Shows" tab for additional information :)


UPDATE!!!!!! Spirit is now available through the online store! Click the tab to check it out!


Place du pêcheur

 —  —

Place du pêcheur, Chéticamp, NS

with Chéticamp Fiddle Session


Governor's Pub & Eatery

 —  —

Governor's Pub & Eatery, Sydney, NS

with Jason Roach