Cape Breton Post, Sept. 6, 2018

Meanwhile, New Waterford's Gillian Head takes a slightly different approach with her second recording, "Tidal." While there are a number of great dance groups on the CD, she's pushed the envelope somewhat in places, including tunes from Daniel Lapp, John Doyle and Martin Green (all well-known from Celtic Colours over the years). 

This is not the simple, basic stuff. This is the twisty-turny stuff, tunes that get your attention and then makes you wonder just where it goes from here. It's a challenge but Gillian is up to it, even through Gamma Ray, a slice of Celtic jazz from the piano of Jason Roach. Jason and guitarist Mary Beth Carthy provide most of the backup but they are also joined by Colin Grant and Donnie Calabrese in several spots. 

There are a number of cuts that got my attention, including "Gamma Ray." It's different, but well done, certainly more of a concert piece than something for a dance hall. "Jigzilla" and "The Last Set" are in there as well, lively and close to the floor. 

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